La femme sans pitié......she slept the world (cuntishness) wrote,
La femme sans pitié......she slept the world

You can has art!

My sister is getting married!!! (Holy crap! /thud)
And since it is going to be done soon... I need to make some gas money. What does that mean? A print sale. Yep.

Ever admired my photos of Asian temples? Mardi Gras Indians? Crow? Nottoway Plantation? St. Roch Ex-Voto? New Orleans in general? Here's your chance to purchase small affordable prints of them!

Follow the link and there are all new prints, never before offered by me in a sale (with one exception). They are all 4x6 unless otherwise stated and are $8 each. Or buy 5, get one FREE!

Get some!

If you're interested in bigger shots and ones of more New Orleans, European locations, cemeteries, etc go HERE and shop!
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Have sent you a message with the ones that I hope are still available. Hugs!
Sweet. Gotcha covered.
How soon do I need to place an order?
Technically you can place an order any time, there isn't a time of year when I refuse to sell (because that would be stupid). However, when I have prints in my possession or am in great need of funds, I cut deals. So waiting awhile can make it cost more.
It's buy 5 get one. If we're gonna combine forces we need to get on with the shopping.
I've already got the black and white Buddha one and a couple of the most recent shoot she did with me, btw. She sent em to me in AZ. A leetle prezzie.
I'm for it.
I was asking more about the timing with regard to getting to your sisters wedding.
Her wedding is on the last week of May.

I'm interested to see what you guys choose.
I want Bushido and one of the Indians (just not sure which one yet) for sure. The Buddha with his pinky fingers laced together really appeals to me too.
So many pretties!!!!
My baby sister is having a baby! How is that possible? I used to change her diapers. And she would stick out her tongue while she tried to pee on me.

She flew here visibly pregnant in her army uniform. I forgot to ask, but I bet she got bumped up to first class & didn't have to pay for anything. Once, both my sisters were eating in a restaurant after drill (in their uniforms). One customer paid for their dinner, & the manager gave them free dessert to take home with them.