La femme sans pitié......she slept the world (cuntishness) wrote,
La femme sans pitié......she slept the world

You can has art!

My sister is getting married!!! (Holy crap! /thud)
And since it is going to be done soon... I need to make some gas money. What does that mean? A print sale. Yep.

Ever admired my photos of Asian temples? Mardi Gras Indians? Crow? Nottoway Plantation? St. Roch Ex-Voto? New Orleans in general? Here's your chance to purchase small affordable prints of them!

Follow the link and there are all new prints, never before offered by me in a sale (with one exception). They are all 4x6 unless otherwise stated and are $8 each. Or buy 5, get one FREE!

Get some!

If you're interested in bigger shots and ones of more New Orleans, European locations, cemeteries, etc go HERE and shop!
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