La femme sans pitié......she slept the world (cuntishness) wrote,
La femme sans pitié......she slept the world


Remy is coming home from the Philippines, for good. He needs a job. Willing to move anywhere. So if you know of an IT job, his specialty is in hardware, not code writing software, let me know. If you would like a copy of his resume, leave me your email address and I'll send it to you.

Thank you.
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Ak. But yay?
Kind of?
Yes. Yes.
Start looking at the job boards here. The one thing Boston has a ton of is IT jobs.
Will do.

And I can ask my sister if IBM is hiring.

We too have a TON of IT jobs here...and I know you've enjoyed Arizona. Besides, I'm here. ;)
That would be pretty cool.
Restaurants tend to be the opposite of tech. How's his SQL and report writing? There might be a gig at the Alamo Drafthouse corporate....
I'll ask.